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Kenneth L. Reich

trial lawyer


Trials/Results Highlights

Arbitration: Obtained a $2.9 million award for fraud, breach of contract, misrepresentation, and breach of good faith and fair dealing against company and its principals; award sustained by trial court

Trial: Defended premises liability claims against large hospital and kept damages under $30k

Trial: Defended fraud case and kept substantial damages against construction client to less than $100k

Trial: Succussful defense verdict in products liability case for major furniture manufacturer

Trial: Successful defense verdict in permanent total disability case against public entity

Arbitration: Obtained a $500k judgment for breach of contract

Successfully mediated numerous cases and prevailed as a matter of law in many cases

Selected Published Cases and Results

Uzelac v. Fire Insurance Exchange, 2017 UT App ---, --- P.3d --- (decision pending; defending trial court ruling in my client's favor that additional living expense for vacation home that was never incurred was not an appropriate in fire loss)

Valdez v. Labor Comm'n, 2017 UT App 64, --- P3d---, cert. denied,  --- P.3d --- (successful defense of permanent total disability claim of police officer)

Stewart v. Bova, 2011 UT App 129, 256 P.3d 230 (regarding valid execution of arbitration agreement under the Utah Health Care Malpractice Act)

In re No. 1 Int'l, Inc., No. 2:09-CV-217 TS, 2010 WL 3259983 (D. Utah, Aug. 17, 2010) (successful dismissal of accounting malpractice claim barred by statute)

Bybee v. Abdulla, 2008 UT 35, 189 P.3d 40 (heirs not bound by arbitration agreement signed by decedent)

Allred ex rel. Jensen v. Allred, 2008 UT 22, 182 P.3d 337 (successfully appealed adverse verdict with the Utah Supreme Court holding that our client established adverse possession through their tenant)

Baker v. Stevens, 2005 UT 32, 114 P.3d 580 (arbitration clause waived by doctor's motion for summary judgment)

Sutter v. Benson, 2005 UT App 374 (interpretation of statute of limitations under the Utah Health Care Malpractice Act)

Nunez v. Albo, 2002 UT App 247, 53 P.3d 2 (Utah Governmental Immunity Act governed claim against physician employed by state university)

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